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The LOBO PARK located in the heart of Andalusia, Spain was founded by Daniel Weigend and Alexandra Stieber (both originate from Germany) as a private initiative in 2002 (open to the public since November 2004) with the ambition to establish a wolf park that is unique in its configuration. It is the intention of the owners that all wolves as well as all the other animals live in an environment that was built to protect as much of the existing flora and fauna as well as to ensure that their living circumstances are as related to real nature as possible. The ‘mission’ was to give these fascinating animals the respect that they deserve. It is of great importance that they have huge enclosures to live a life that is almost equivalent to a ‘natural’ environment - to live their genuine pack life without interference of human intrusion or domestication. App. 100.000 m˛ have been reserved for huge enclosures for the wolves to provide as much space as possible to roam and play. Only through this effort can one truly observe how wolves live.
Respect is being given and trust is its return!

The way the wolves are socialized allows visitors to see and perceive the wolves as they are in the wild. To socialize the wolves the two, Daniel and Alexandra hand rear their pups. This is a very important phase in the very young life of these extraordinary animals. At the same time it is being explained very clearly that the wolves are not being domesticated because the intention of the owners is to maintain their true “wild animal” behaviour and character. As Daniel says: “the wolves are not meant to be pet animals we only want to take away there natural shyness and fear of human beings.” During the guided tours you may get the drift of an unforgettable experience when Daniel enters one of the vastly set up enclosures to visit his wolf friends. You observe no submissive wolf when they greet each other as friends, on the contrary they will howl together to reinforce their friendship.

The different philosophy
All enclosures where built very spaciously to provide more room for the wolves as one is used to come across in most animal parks or zoos in the world. Since wolves are very timid animals it would be almost impossible to observe them in their natural habitat. Therefore the wolves have to be socialized to take away their natural born shyness so that visitors will be able to observe them.

It is of great importance to understand that they are socialized but not domesticated, a great difference in up bring which will have an immense outcome in their future behaviour. Never is meat fed by hand or aggression punished and you will definitely not see a wolf being taken on a lead. Aggression is normal for any animal especially for a wild animal such as a wolf. Dominance is not carry out by Daniel (only he enters the enclosures) when he visits the pack and you won’t witness a wolf being submissive towards him. “I’ve positioned myself as a kind of extra-terrestrial pack member, but not as the alpha (the leader),” he explains “one has to respect them as wild animals”. Their own established ranking order is respected and he is respected as a visiting friend.
Wolves are highly social animals; a wolf pack is comparable with a family, a company or a football team. Only through this strong bond did wolves survive to this day. “Their social bonding and care-giving behaviour are second only to those of humans and other social primates ‘ (John Theberge, Wolf biologist)

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