Sanremo Model Yacht Club


The Sanremo Model Yacht Club was founded in January 2007, to promote an interest in radio controlled sailing yachts, and to provide a bit of friendly competition in the marina.

We have chosen to race the Seawind which is made by Kyosho. It fits within the International One Meter Class, but would be easily outsailed by many of the more extreme, more expensive One Meter yachts.

Sailed as a One Design, the Seawind gives close racing and is easy and relatively cheap to build.

We sail in a sheltered corner of the port of Sanremo
Preparing the fleet for heavy weather
Approaching the windward mark

As a special service to members, the committee of the Sanremo Model Yacht Club has commissioned a purpose-built rescue vessel for any sailboats which get becalmed or otherwise incapacitated. All salvage fees will be donated to club funds!

There is a special launch and recovery system for getting the tug in and out of the water.
More boats are being built and we will post pictures as they begin to sail
The tug can escort the fleet in light airs, in case there is not enough wind to sail back to the dock
One member of the fleet is the carbon-fibre built "Jaws". Although it is a little lighter than the plastic versions, it does not seem much faster.
The newest addition to the fleet is a semi-scale model of the America's Cup contender, Emirates Team New Zealand. It is built to the one-meter rule, and despite being a very different shape, it appears to be quite competitive with the Seawinds.
From time to time we are invited to sail with the local Italian club. They sail a variety of boats, but their most popular boat is the one-meter Minihordak
The combined fleet sailing on a light-wind day.

The Seawind has an active fleet in many countries of the world. Their site at has many useful hints and tips and a lot of valuable information about building and sailing the boats

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